Injecting Bath Salts Can Lead To Flesh Eating Disease

“Bath Salts” a new designer drug being sold throughout the United States is having an effect other than getting people high. Users of the drug experience euphoria, alertness, profound sexual performance and flesh eating disease.

A woman was admitted to University Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine in Louisiana where she saw Dr. Russell R. Russo.

She presented with redness and swelling and pain in her forearm. She admitted to injecting the Bath Salts two days prior after Dr. Russo noticed a small puncture wound.

The doctor determined that she had necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh eating bacteria. The disease progressed so rapidly that they had to amputate the woman’s arm, shoulder and collarbone and perform a radical mastectomy.

Dr. Russo has since authored a study on the phenomena.

The study was published in the January issue of the journal Orthopedics.

Dr. Russo wrote in the study,

“Despite the drug’s legal status, it must be treated as illicit, and one must be suspicious when examining a patient with this clinical history because the diagnosis of flesh-eating bacteria can masquerade as abscesses and cellulitis,”

Bath Salts have been banned in several states and there are movements to have it banned outright. There have been reports of people murdering others whiole in paranoid delusions while on Bath Salts.

Would you ever try a drug called Bath Salts?