Kendall Jenner And Kim Kardashian Go Topless And Talk Weight Loss, From Low-Carb To Detox Tea [Video]

Kendall Jenner may sometimes feel overshadowed by big sister Kim Kardashian, but when it comes to topless photos, her big sis apparently is willing to share the spotlight. The dynamic duo both bared their bosoms for Love magazine, reported the Daily Beast.

Going nude or partly clad has become a hallmark of the Kardashian clan and aspiring fashion model Kendall is learning the ropes from Kim. As images floated around the Internet, fans and followers recalled Kim’s Paper magazine #BreakTheInternet shoot that also “leaked.”

Although Kim isn’t posing with a champagne glass on her derriere this time, she and Kendall both exhibited no fear of exhibiting their extremities without attire. However, the two sisters have been candid about their constant dieting.

And when it comes to winning the battle of the bulge, Kim is starting to feel that she can’t achieve her weight loss goals on her own, she told Entertainment Tonight.

Kardashian revealed that she has gained about 15 pounds, and can’t understand why. So she’s seeking professional help.

“I just started seeing a nutritionist, because I don’t understand why,” Kim said of her weight gain. “I mean I do [understand] because I eat really bad.”

However, she’s resolved to improve.

“I just started to eat really healthy and work out more and just try to change my lifestyle, especially when you have a baby. I want to know what to cook and how to cook healthier. We’ve just changed our lifestyles.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Kim had previously talked about following the high-fat low-carb ketogenic Atkins diet. The plan emphasizes protein, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables.

But although Kardashian is now frustrated with the weight gain that followed her initial success on that diet, little sister Kendall reportedly is delighted with her own weight loss plan — but it may not be safe, according to Hollywood Life.

Jenner’s food plan consists of 12 cups of detox tea daily, with raw vegetables as her primary source of real food. Why has she chosen such an extreme weight loss plan?

“She wants desperately to be taken seriously as a model,” said a source. “And if it means starving herself, she’ll do it.”

In addition, Kendall is controlling her food intake to achieve her goal of becoming model-skinny, added the source.

“During a recent family dinner, Kendall ordered just a bunch of raw veggies and nibbled on them.”

What do you think? Has Kendall Jenner become obsessed with weight loss to the point of endangering her health? Post your comments below.

[Photo By Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]