February 6, 2015
Crockpot Murder: Michigan Woman Beat Friend To Death During Argument About Politics, Police Say

Michigan woman Tewana Sullivan beat her friend to death with a crockpot over an argument about presidential politics, Detroit police say. Cheryl Livy, 66, was found dying with the cord of the crockpot slow cooker wrapped around her neck. Livy spent two days in the hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

Tewana Sullivan was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing Cheryl Livy with a crockpot at her Livionia senior citizen housing complex. According to the Michigan police report, there was blood all over the walls of Livy's home.

When police officer Michael Lewallen arrived at the apartment he reportedly found Sullivan crying next to Livy and saying, "I'm sorry. I did it. I'm sorry."

The two Detroit area woman had reportedly known each other for several years. A report recently filed with the 16th District Court stated that Sullivan is competent to continue stand trial on the criminal charges after being evaluated by a psychologist. A mental competency exam in the crockpot murder case was requested by the prosecutor after the initial charges were filed, and then amended against Sullivan, after Livy died. Her attorney reportedly said there appeared to be many "red flags" present in his client's medical history.

When a Detroit judge was told about how Cheryl Livy received the wound to her head, back, and face, Sullivan broke down in the court room. Injuries to the woman's hands were also reportedly present and caused as the senior citizens attempted to protect herself from the "blunt instrument," according to the autopsy report.

"The crockpot is busted over her head with the cord around her throat. She was barely breathing," the Oakland County medical examiner said during a recent court proceeding.

Tewana Sullivan's attorney, John McWilliams, said the two women were "arguing over presidential politics" and the discussion got heated when the pair talked about "whatever the controversy is between Democrats and Republicans." The defense attorney refused to reveal which woman was the Democrat and which voted with Republicans.

Cheryl Livy was "barely breathing" when first responders arrived, according to police incident reports. Police officers also noted that they believed Tewana Sullivan was "under the influence" and appeared disoriented. The report indicates that there was blood present on the Michigan woman's hands and clothing.

[Image via: The Detroit News]