Will Kate Middleton Be In For A Rude Awakening When Prince Charles Takes The Throne?

Despite fervent royalists insisting that Kate Middleton works hard for her dollar, critics of the Duchess would suggest she lives the luxury lifestyle of a pampered princess and that Kate is in fact, the most laziest and free-loading member of the royal family. Here’s the rub – Prince Charles might just agree with them.

It’s no secret that when Prince Charles becomes King, he wants to streamline the monarchy and make it more user-friendly. The recent Prince Andrew scandal with its seedy focus on royal privilege and entitlement had republicans everywhere rubbing their hands with glee, it is also rumoured to have had Prince Charles shaking his head in dismay.

Prince Andrew reportedly expressed in private that he was extremely disappointed that his big brother has shown ‘little sense of sympathy’ for his predicament. Yet Charles, who has often appeared uneasy and awkward with regard to historical perceptions that the royal family are a redundant, idle, and unnecessary burden on the British tax-payer, is keen to work towards a vision of a leaner and relevant monarchy when he wears the crown.

That could be bad news for Kate Middleton. The Duchess may be idolised as a hard-working fashion icon with a heart of gold, and motherhood personified, by hordes of her fans, but in these troubled economic times, many regard Kate Middleton as someone who has more all-expenses-paid luxury holidays in the space of a year than your average person will have in a lifetime, before enjoying a few weeks of doing nothing to prepare herself for the next round of celebrity functions, and glamorous public engagements.

The Inquisitr reported in January that during 2014, Kate Middleton appeared in public on just 76 official occasions. In other words, Kate’s ‘job’ entailed working merely part of 76 days out of 365. Now compare this with Prince Charles who appeared at 450 official functions last year, and the picture begins to paint itself.

A spokesman for Charles recently told the Daily Mail, “The Prince of Wales cares deeply about this country and has devoted most of his working life to helping individuals and organisations to make a difference for the better – and not for his personal gain. He takes an active interest in the issues and challenges facing the UK and around the world through his own work and that of his charities.”

The Mail also reported that Prince Charles has grand plans for everyone in, and everything about the royal family when he takes the throne.

“The dismantling of the wider Royal Family, reducing it from one which is so ‘bloated’ that criticism is almost inevitable, to one so slim that the future King Charles III can almost already hear the sound that he likes most of all — praise.”

Obviously, being part of his immediate family will guarantee that the Duchess of Cambridge is not excluded from the inner sanctum of Prince Charles, but she may have to be just a little more proactive when it comes to earning her crust. That is, of course, if she doesn’t want the shame of having the future King of England shouting “Wake up lazy Kate, those floors won’t scrub themselves.”