February 6, 2015
'John Wick 2': Sequel To Keanu Reeves' Action Flick Already In Development

If you enjoyed watching Keanu Reeves issue a major beatdown to the villains who murdered his puppy in John Wick, then you're in luck. Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are busy developing a sequel to the surprise hit.

For those who passed on the action flick late last year, you missed one of the more entertaining revenge pictures to come down the pipeline in quite some time. Not only did it provide moviegoers with an old-school cinematic adrenaline rush, John Wick also proved that Reeves is still very much capable of carrying a movie from start to finish.

According to Coming Soon, Stahelski and Leitch revealed during a recent interview that they're very interested in working with Keanu again on John Wick 2. In fact, the filmmakers have already started developing a sequel.

Here's what Stahelski told Movies.com about the follow-up.

"We have ideas for days and without blinking twice we know we can outdo the action from the original. It's the matter of story and how much you like the character. That's always the most important. If there's great action but you have a character that no one likes and doesn't have charisma you're not going to watch it. Look at any great action star, whether it's Harrison Ford or Liam Neeson or Robert Downey Jr., pick a name, you love the guy first. Good action, bad action, you just love them in action. So we want to make sure we have a story and a character that everybody loves and then we'll dress it with action that we promise will be awesome."

Of course, the proposed John Wick sequel isn't the only thing on Neo's plate these days. Not only does he star in director Eli Roth's kinky horror flick Knock Knock, he's also slated to appear in an upcoming project from Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn.

Cinema Blend reports that Reeves will team up with the acclaimed filmmaker for the horror/thriller The Neon Demon. In addition to the John Wick star, the flick also features Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, and Mad Men beauty Christina Hendricks, who previously worked with Refn on the violent 2011 drama Drive.

Are you excited that a John Wick sequel is in the works?

[Lead image via Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment]