Scott Disick Wants Us To Know Just How Manipulative Kourtney Kardashian Is, Threatens To Release Tell-All Book

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed their third child into the world late last year and the couple had been spotted recently going out on dates, but reports have surfaced that this is merely a way to mask the trouble happening when the two aren’t in front of the camera.

In the new issue of Life & Style Magazine, a close pal of the businessman said that Disick is growing sicker of his girlfriend’s constant nagging.

“He feels like a caged animal with all of Koutney’s rules,” the source said.

The two have been working hard to keep their relationship intact for their three kids. Those following the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians know just how much the two are at each other’s throats.

A source told OK Magazine that Disick has been threatening Kardashian, saying that he would write a tell-all book that would expose some of the famous family’s deepest secrets.

“He’s told Kourtney that if she tries to take the kids and their money, he’ll let loose enough information to humiliate her and take down her entire family!”

The book would also tackle his battle with alcoholism and being a wild party animal. Disick, though, wants the public to know that he’s not the bad guy in the situation.

“She’s a manipulative hypocrite,” the source claimed. “Scott doesn’t see why he should be branded the bad guy anymore.”

The source also claimed that Kardashian has a tendency to fly into a vicious rage when she’s mad.

Following the birth of their third child, things were rockier than ever for the two. Last November, Disick’s Thanksgiving alcohol bender in Las Vegas apparently threw Kardashian into a rage, leading her to dump her troubled boyfriend. Barely a month after giving birth, Kardashian had had enough of dealing with Disick’s hard partying ways while taking care of their three children.

Disick is also rumored to be hooking up with Kourtney’s half-sister, Kendall Jenner. The affair created a stir when they tackled it during one of the show’s episodes, and hopefully more will be revealed if and when Disick ends up publishing his soaring saga.

Although the reality couple had been spotted together over the weekend, Disick is apparently living with Kourtney’s sister Khloe. Reportedly, Disick is tired of keeping up with his girlfriend’s demands. If reports are true, even Khloe isn’t going to be saved by her closeness with Disick, as the 31-year-old star wants to take down the entire family, especially A-listers Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

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