IRS Refund 2015 Common Errors -- Fix Them Or Be Delayed

In IRS Refund 2015 season, it's easy to make errors while in the hassle to get your documents submitted. Yet, those errors might cause you delays. Here are a few common errors to double — or even triple check — before submitting your documents to the IRS.

IRS Refund: Complete And Submit Online

With so many algorithms in place, there's little to any errors that can get passed adequately programmed protocols.

According to the IRS' official site, if you "e-file" and there are errors when you submit, the system won't allow you to submit your documents while full of errors — or with even one error, for that matter.

There are several IRS refund companies available to help you process your claims electronically. Likewise, most of them have e-file options.

IRS Refund: Check Your Identity Information

Right. It sounds very simple. However, several claimants tend to make careless mistakes while thinking this information will be correct. Once you've done something for so long, it's goes into "automatic" mode in your mind.

With that said, it's not as simple to catch the mistakes — especially when you know without a doubt it's already right. On that notion, many don't think to look at the identification information. And you can't check your IRS refund status if the data is incorrect.

IRS Refund: Put The Right Information On The Right Line

Again, it does sound simple. However, not everyone has great vision — making an incredibly small mistake into a very big problem for your IRS refund.

Ensure you place the correct income information on the correct line or in the correct box. Don't think that they're lenient and will fix it for you. Often times, the agent is not. Accordingly, they're so swamped with physical documents that once the error is seen, it would immediately be placed for return mailing.

The IRS is receiving millions of these same forms from other claimants. Double check before sending yours to prevent a costly delay.

IRS Refund: Ensure All Calculations Are Correct And All Necessary Documents Attached

This is a definite must. If you fill in a space which requires supported documentation, best believe that it will not be processed without that support.

By submitting your documentation with such a crucial error or errors — or without using a IRS refund calculator of some kind — your potential check would just be sitting in limbo with an "I told you so" face.

As another key point, if you have negative numbers, they have to be placed inside of parentheses. For example, ($200) is the requirement for -$200.

The IRS official site says "brackets," but they may mean them interchangeably. If you'd rather seek tax professional advice, by all means, you have to look out for your best interest, right?

IRS Refund: Sign And Date The Document — Use Correct Postage

After dealing with all the frustrating numbers and their calculations, it's possible to be irritated and exhausted. When like this, more simple mistakes can happen.

Many times, signing and dating just isn't on the mind after you've worked it, ensuring all calculations were correct and placed on the appropriate lines. However, it falls into one of the IRS refund commonly-experienced errors — as reported by the agency.

Your signature is your sworn, recorded testimony that your statements are true and just. Likewise, for record purposes, it's accompanied by the specific date you gave it.

The reason it's "sworn" is because — by signing it — you agree to all the terms in the legal jargon or "fine print."

Then, ensure you obtain adequate postage on your envelope. It's suggested that you send it with some type of insurance, "sign on delivery" or "receipt upon delivery."

Afterwards, as process confirmation, you should receive an IRS refund number and approximate schedule date.

Disclaimer: This information is just information and is not explicit advice on your behalf. You should use your own or seek professional judgment in your financial matters.

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