Stephen Baldwin Confirms Daughter Hailey And Justin Bieber Aren't Dating, 'It's Best'

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship has confused and fascinated people for a while.

According to some quarters in the rumor mill, the two are more than friends -- despite all their denials -- mainly because many think no female can resist the Biebs.

It turns out Hailey's dad, actor Stephen Baldwin, had the definitive answer all along.

Splash News recently caught up with him and straight up asked if his daughter and Justin are dating.

"No. They're not," Baldwin replied firmly, after an unreadable laugh. "And it's just nice to see in this day and age that two adults, who have known each other since she was 12, can just be friends. Isn't that cool?"

Asked for his opinion as to why gossip media seems obsessed over Justin and Hailey's status, the older star had a ready answer.

"I just think the media likes to get people to... click on this and that, and sell newspapers," Baldwin replied.

The born-again, ultra-conservative, who lives in New York, also had praise for Bieber.

"Justin's doing great," he said of the superstar. "He's been in New York hanging out with Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC, and that's where Hailey goes to church. So it's all good."

Pressed for a final opinion on whether his girl and the Canadian star would make a good couple -- if things ever changed -- Stephen's reply seems to make it clear he would not approve.

"I think it's best that they just be friends," he said, before flashing a shark-like smile.

So there you have it. Justin and Hailey aren't dating, as far as her father is concerned.

Earlier this week, the pair were seen leaving the back entrance of Nobu restaurant in NYC following a dinner date.

They were also spotted enjoying an affectionate swim that involved massages last month.

Although the non-couple have been friends for years, questions about them kicked off last Thanksgiving and since, as the pair went on a slew of outings. These included hiking, go-karting, visiting recording studios, dining out, hitting up a comedy club and a Los Angeles Clippers game with mutual pal, model Kendall Jenner.

Following that Clippers game, a gossip site Justin was dating both Kendall and Hailey. The blond model took to Twitter to slam the fabricated claim.

Meanwhile, the singer followed up his infamous confession/apology video with a surprise second appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday to explain his online mea culpa.

"It was the first time I was on television for a long time and I just was worried about what people were thinking about me," the 20-year-old told the host. "Like I said last time, I did a lot of things over the past few years that I'm not proud of. But, yeah, I was just nervous to be in front of people again."

Bieber admitted he's been hurt by the things he's read about himself online, which he put down to being "human." He then talked about his intentions going forward.

"I just gotta be strong enough to keep it pushing," he said, "but that's why I just wanted to make the video to just let people know that I'm human."

He added, "I love people, I love love... I'm passionate about being better and growing, so I think this is gonna be an awesome chapter in my life -- and I'm so glad to have you guys supporting me."

The singer's spot on Ellen also had its hilarious moments.