Arnold Schwarzenegger Congratulates America On Accepting That Climate Change Is Real, Hundreds Chime In To Disagree

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been a bit premature in expressing his joy that Americans have overwhelmingly accepted the truth of climate change. After the actor and politician posted on his Facebook page, he was swarmed with responses from hundreds of those same Americans, all telling him he’s got it wrong, and that climate change is a hoax.

Sharing an article from the New York Times, in which the findings are discussed from a poll that found half of Republicans, and the majority of Americans overall, believing in climate change, Arnold cheered the news.

“I am very happy that we’ve had three great developments recently in the crusade against climate change. One, the U.S. Senate acknowledged that climate change is real. Two, two-thirds of Americans want the next president to fight climate change. And three, most Republicans want us to do something.”

“I hope the 2016 presidential candidates are paying attention.”

However, the Americans who recognize climate change as a threat must not be following Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page, because the overwhelming response was negative. Respondents informed the former governor that climate change was made up, natural, and a scam, reflecting another recent poll.

“The whole reason they stopped calling it global warming and now call it climate change is because there was no global warming. ‘Climate Change’ fits the argument any way the hucksters want to sell it. Any selling it is what the Climate Action is all about. Taxing the life out of everyone of us for no good reason. Climate change is the new home of the communist party. Don’t fall for this crap Arnie.”

“D**n terminator, You need an operating system restart, seems u got infected with some liberal koolaid virus!”

“Good thing some of these climate change idiots wasn’t around to prevent the earths ice ages. Humans have little effect. Just an attempt to control people by using the earths nature changes to scare people.”

“Climate is going to change naturally, the planet has a cycle. We don’t need people(government) thinking they can do it better.”

“Climate change is real the earth has been slowly warming Up for millions of years prior to human life and the evidence to support human influences falls within the margin of error. Meaning no conclusive evidence exist that humans are speeding up the process. [all sic]”

As for the Senate’s statement on climate change, perhaps it mirrors these comments more closely than it appears at first glance: first of all, NPR mentions that, while the vote to admit that climate change is a real thing was nearly unanimous, it’s fair to note that this was attached to legislation approving the Keystone Pipeline, and was, for some, perhaps more of a concession to get that legislation passed than a sincere statement. Further, a similar statement expressing that man influences climate change could not achieve a majority consensus.

So, yes, Governor Schwarzenegger, the attitude toward climate change is thawing, but by no means has America reached, en masse, the same conclusion that our climate scientists have.

[Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory]