MTV Reveals In-Depth ‘Teen Mom’ Storylines: Is Amber Portwood Already Engaged?

On Thursday, an MTV press release detailed the storylines for the girls of the original Teen Mom franchise. Fans have been waiting for the shows premiere date, and it was most likely pushed back by the return of Farrah Abraham, who was initially not set to return. Her dramatic reemergence into the show will be chronicled in her storyline as outlined by the MTV press release.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teen Mom will return to MTV on March 23. The report also includes the trailers for all for girls. However, the MTV press release, as reported by TV By the Numbers, takes things a step further and gives fans a look at what to expect for all four girls and mentions things that are not even shown in the sneak peeks! Interestingly, there are some things that will pop up in the new season that fans may not have expected!

“Maci finds love with her new boyfriend, Taylor, who recently moved to Tennessee to be with her. Soon after his arrival, the couple finds themselves dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. Meanwhile, she continues attempting to co-parent Bentley with Ryan who makes everything extremely challenging.”

The second pregnancy for Maci Bookout was announced in late December. Needless to say, it was a shock to all her fans. She has been dating Taylor McKinney for quite some time, though, and he moved to Tennessee to be closer to her. Not only that, but fans will also finally get to meet him on screen!

“Newly released from prison, Amber is trying to raise her daughter Leah with her ex, Gary, who is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, she is attempting to navigate a life of sobriety while diving back into the world of dating. The decision to accept an engagement proposal from someone she hasn’t known very long could change her world entirely.”

Amber Portwood has been dating a man named Matt, but as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the two reportedly have a tumultuous relationship. Although they already have matching tattoos (and he also has her name tattooed on him as well), they reportedly are “on and off.” Whether or not that is true is yet to be seen, but it looks like according to the MTV press release, fans will see more of the relationship play out on screen.

“Catelynn and Tyler find out that they’re expecting a baby of their own as they struggle to mend a strained relationship with the adoptive parents of their daughter, Carly.”

It is unclear why the relationship with Brandon and Teresa is strained for Catelynn and Tyler. However, as shown on Being Catelynn, some comments were made by the Teen Mom couple regarding the adoptive parents. Although Cate and Ty are able to have annual visits with their daughter per the open adoption, the adoptive parents do not like pictures of Carly being shown to the public.

Finally, there is Farrah Abraham. Interestingly, Farrah was initially not asked to come back to the show, which caused some drama. In fact, her sneak peek shows her have a minor meltdown and her mom, Debra, reveals that Farrah felt ostracized by the network.

“Farrah continues to juggle parenting Sophia while trying to mend relations with her own mother, Debra. When Farrah finds love in a long distance relationship for the first time since the death of Sophia’s dad, will she finally be able to find happiness while balancing motherhood, her new love and her career?”

The Teen Mom sneak peek isn’t the only thing Farrah is getting ready for. She is also releasing her third erotic novel and recently shared a photo of herself in a wedding gown. Obviously, the story is fiction, but could it be a sign that Farrah Abraham will soon be tying-the-knot?

Although people have slammed the show for glamorizing teen pregnancy; in reality, though, the show has actually played a significant role in declining pregnancies among teens, per the MTV press release. While the girls are no longer teens by any means, the new season will help showcase the fact that becoming a parent as a teen is always hard. Even as adults, the girls are still struggling with drama and issues.

Perhaps most interesting will be Maci Bookout’s story, who will focus on the aspect of co-parenting. While some parents are able to co-parent successfully, more likely than not the former couples have issues, just as Maci and Ryan will show.

Teen Mom has been a very successful show for MTV, and as the MTV press release points out, it has been successful in lowering teen pregnancy.

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