‘Frozen’ Is Anti-Male Propaganda, Claims Fox News Host

Frozen has been labelled as anti-male propaganda by Steve Doocy, a prominent Fox News host.

Doocy reached this conclusion because all of Frozen’s male characters are either fools or villains.

The Fox News host made his comments during a three minute segment on his Fox and Friends program. The sequences that he used to highlight his point depicted the character of Kristoff, who is the film’s good-guy, picking his nose, while Prince Hans, Frozen’s villain, confessed his evil plan.

Doocy started this segment of his show by asking, “Are movies like the Disney smash hit about an ice queen and her sister empowering girls by turning our men into fools and villains?”

Doocy was joined by Penny Young Nance, who is the CEO of Concerned Women for America, and, according to the Daily Mail, she echoed his points.

“They depict men as evil and cold and bumblers. It’s not just Disney. It’s Hollywood in general that has often sent the message that men are superfluous, they’re stupid, they’re in the way, if they contribute anything to the family, it’s a paycheck.”

Doocy went on to add that he believed it would be “nice” if there were stronger male characters in films like Frozen.

Frozen is now the most successful animated film of all time. The Disney behemoth grossed $1.1 billion at the box office, and has turned into such a pop culture phenomenon that its soundtrack and merchandise generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the studio, too.

Songs such as “Let It Go,” “Love Is An Open Door,” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” have also been re-created in the hundreds of thousands on YouTube.

Many movie critics and experts praised Frozen for its depiction of empowering female characters. Most Disney movies throughout the studio’s history have revolved around a male protagonist, while the female characters have more often that not been reduced to either a supporting or rudimentary romantic angle.

Meanwhile, Frozen also helped to break the glass ceiling for Disney, as it was the first time that a Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film had been directed by a woman. Jennifer Lee co-directed Frozen alongside Chris Buck, and because of their work together, they were awarded the 2013 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Recently a Frozen short film reunited the film’s characters, while plans are already afoot for a Frozen musical, and a sequel feature film is expected.

[Image via Disney]