Mila Kunis Trashes ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Calls Them The ‘Worst’ People On Television

Mila Kunis is currently promoting her film, Jupiter Ascending, which hits theaters on Friday. Over the last week, she’s been making the rounds from daytime with Ellen DeGeneres to late night with Jimmy Kimmel. In the middle of that, Kunis stopped by Conan O’Brien’s show to dish about her viewing habits.

Seeing as Kunis had a baby four months ago, all anyone can talk about is how slim she is. While Mila would rather focus on talking about her newly developed chest, Conan O’Brien asked about her weight loss regimen. Apparently, Mila’s viewing habits work as a form of working out.

Kunis admitted that she’s a big treadmill lady, as she watches a few of her guilty pleasures while she’s working out at home. So what’s on Mila’s list? Well, she told O’Brien that she watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, despite the “horrible” women on the show.

Not exactly advocating for anyone to watch, Mila said, “These women are horrible.” She also joked that if Conan was friends with them, she wouldn’t associate herself with him. Then she got into why these Beverly Hills housewives are so horrible — it’s mostly the backbiting that ensues on the show.

“Cat fights happen, weaves are being chucked, the women look like they just got beat by a drag queen and they have so much makeup on. It’s amazing. It is one of the greatest things on television.”

The best part of it? Her partner (and maybe husband?) Ashton Kutcher gets sucked in as well. That doesn’t mean that Kutcher doesn’t have his own form of revenge. The self-proclaimed Bears fan makes his daughter Wyatt watch football throughout the whole week. Kutcher has been, in Mila’s words, “forcing her to watch football every Sunday, Monday night, and Thursday night.”

She continued, “This child has worn a Chicago bears onesie every Sunday of her life, every Monday night of her life and every Thursday night of her life—and never twice. They are different onesies. There are tutus, one’s like a cheerleader, one’s a jersey, one has her name, one doesn’t have her name. They are everything.”

One show that isn’t watched in the Kutcher-Kunis household? True Tori. The Black Swan star said that she first got sucked in to Tori Spelling’s life, but the fights between Tori and her husband, Dean, got to be too much for Kunis and made her “so uncomfortable.”

“It was horrible. She had children on the show and poor thing, I just wanted to be like, ‘You need help.’ I actually stopped watching the show because it got too real.”

[Image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock]