Serena Williams Too Busy for a Boyfriend

Serena Williams is too busy not enjoying tennis and baring her backside in commercials to have a boyfriend.

Speaking to reporters in Australia ahead of her first game in the 2012 Aussie Open, Williams admitted she was too picky over partners, and that she hadn’t had a date “in forever.”

Joking that she would be lowering her standards in future to include suitors “anywhere between 18 and 80, blond, purple or green,” the 30-year-old said:

“I can be super picky, never satisfied. It’s a little crazy right now because there’s so much going on that when I’m not playing tennis I don’t sleep because I’m always doing something.”

Williams dated film director Brett Ratner back in 2005, and has previously been linked to rappers Common and Drake by the rumor mill, but her schedule has continuously gotten in the way. “I haven’t been on a date in forever,” she told reporters last Thursday.

The star begins her mission for a sixth Australian Open on Tuesday, facing world number 45 Tamira Paszek in the opening round. She’ll also be partnering Andy Roddick in mixed doubles.

Williams, the 12th seed, has come into this tournament with a sprained left ankle that reportedly needs constant treatment, so a Paszek shock victory may not be completely off the cards. And if that happens, Serena may just have time to change her singleton status.