‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Talks Tom Sandoval Relationship, ‘Understanding’ James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has long been painted as the jealous ex-girlfriend of Tom Sandoval, but in a new interview, she claims Bravo got it all wrong.

During the interview on On With Mario Lopez, Doute opened up about Vanderpump Rules Season 3 and her relationships with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and current boyfriend, James Kennedy.

“At the time … I didn’t want to be with Tom – although it’s edited that way based on the things said – but at the time, we had only been broken for six months. For me that just wasn’t enough time, and he just moved on more quickly,” Doute explained, according to a February 5 report by Reality Tea.

“Yes, I know I was with James – and we are still together – James was also very understanding about the time it was taking me, because in a normal world you don’t have to be around your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend all of the time.”

As for casting on the show, Doute claimed, “Everyone [at SUR] had an opportunity.”

“The dynamics of Stassi, Katie, and I with Tom, Tom, and Jax was just something that you couldn’t make up or script or cast. We were just like a trifecta of crazy couples.”

Speaking of Miami girl Annemarie Kunkel, Doute denied having invited her to confront Sandoval at SUR.

“She invited herself to SUR. All I did was really facilitate, like yeah ‘He’s working tonight. I’m gonna be there with a girlfriend for birthday drinks – do your thing.'”

While Doute appeared to enjoy the Vanderpump Rules drama that ensued once Kunkel arrived to SUR, she did have one regret.

“Chasing Ariana … I regret. I wish I hadn’t have followed them. In hindsight, it’s not whether or not he did it – which I believe he did – it was really like, why was it my place to play God? Scheana says this a lot, ‘If Tom and Ariana don’t care, why do you care?’ It’s the only credit I’ll give Scheana.”

“This whole Miami scandal it’s not completely over yet,” Doute continued.

“Somebody else, in the cast, comes out of the woodwork to reveal some truths to it. Someone was present …”

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Doute is hoping for a Season 4 return, despite her recent firing.

“At this point, we’re three years in and everything that I’ve been through, I put my life on the line for everyone to see,” Doute revealed to Bravo.

“I’d want to continue the journey. I don’t want to throw everything away just because I don’t work at SUR.”

The Vanderpump Rules reunion films in Los Angeles next Friday.

[Photo via Twitter]