June 29, 2017
Damaged Amy Pascal To Continue Legacy In 'New Chapter' With Sony, Salary Cut Pending

Well, it seems as though Amy Pascal — after Sony Pictures' 2014 hacking and her exploited emails about President Obama — will continue her works at the company.

According to Forbes, the emails she sent were quite ridiculing. An excerpt from the article states as follows.

"Messages were revealed in which she [Amy Pascal] wrote unkind things about Hollywood stars and joked that President Obama probably prefers movies with black lead actors."
After such a "bringing to light," Chairwoman Amy Pascal has decided to change positions at Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group.

Amy Pascal with Matt Damon
Credits: Business Insider

Accordingly, Amy Pascal has had a lengthy career with the company. But her career span is even lengthier. As many have their starts, so did she. As is noted from Sony Pictures, it is as follows.

"Earlier in her career, [Amy] Pascal was Vice President of Production at 20th Century Fox. She began her career as a secretary working for legendary BBC producer Tony Garnett at Kestral Films, an independent production company affiliated with Warner Bros..."

"...[Amy] Pascal joined Columbia Pictures in 1988. During her early years at Columbia, she oversaw such memorable motion pictures as Groundhog Day, Little Women, Awakenings, and A League of Their Own. After leaving the studio in 1994 to join Turner Pictures as President of Production, Pascal rejoined Columbia in 1996 as the studio's President."

Amy Pascal with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Credits: NY Daily News

It goes on to mention the following.

"Since 2000 and under [Amy] Pascal's leadership, Sony Pictures has had 95 movies hit #1 at the domestic box office, more than any other studio..."

"... In 2012, the studio led the industry in market share and set new studio records for box office revenue with $1.768 billion domestically and $4.440 billion worldwide, thanks to hits including The Amazing Spider-Man, Men in Black 3, Skyfall, Sony Pictures Animation's Hotel Transylvania, Think Like a Man, 21 Jump Street and The Vow."

Amy Pascal with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
Credits: Forbes

Amy Pascal has certainly earned her mark at the company — possibly as well as any company she chooses to work for thereafter. However, that may not be the case. From the New York Times interview, it indicates that she is choosing to take a production position with the company.

"Ms. [Amy] Pascal had been in contract renewal talks for months. She decided instead to accept a four-year production deal that most likely will involve her making some of Sony's biggest planned films."
Sometimes, such transitions may not work out as well. But given Amy Pascal's success, she has the production experiences to continue her progression at Sony. In the same interview with Forbes, she states as follows.
"I have always wanted to be a producer. Michael and I have been talking about this transition for quite some time, and I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to pursue my long-held dream and for providing unparalleled support."
Yet, that — by position — is a serious pay cut. According to Deadline, Amy Pascal's salary is said to be among the ranks of $3 million. A snapshot was taken during the Sony hacks of the top 17 executive pay scales at the company. As co-chairperson, Amy Pascal's salary was No. 2.

Amy Pascal's Salary
Credits: Deadline

Though Amy Pascal resigns her current position in May, Michael Lynton — as recorded by Sony Pictures as Sony Entertainment's CEO — tells Forbes the following.

"I am happy to say that Amy's decision is not the end of her relationship with the studio but the start of a new and exciting chapter in her extraordinary career that promises to be mutually beneficial."
How do you think Amy Pascal will do as a Sony producer? Do you believe she has the track record for it?

[Featured Image via Daily Mail UK, Video via Forbes/YouTube]