Tom Schwartz Says Cheating Was ‘Awful,’ But ‘Pretty Innocent’

Tom Schwartz opened up about cheating on his Vanderpump Rules co-star, Katie Maloney, in a new interview.

On recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Schwarz was seen coming clean about a hookup, which occurred in Las Vegas several weeks prior. Although his co-star, Jax Taylor, seemed to think there was more to the story, Schwartz insisted he and the mystery woman did not have sex.

“There was no prior relationship, there was no relationship after, – I was drunk. It was still terrible, but what happened was pretty innocent,” Schwartz explained to Hollywood Life on February 5.

Luckily for Tom Schwartz, his girlfriend chose to forgive him for his indiscretion.

“Why I could get past it was there wasn’t a romantic relationship affair, there were no emotions attached to it. It was a drunken, sloppy make-out. That’s not a lot to get your panties in a twist about.”

While Maloney agreed to move past the issue, she didn’t do so without making it clear that Schwartz’s behavior was not okay. As fans saw on Vanderpump Rules, she and Schwartz had an intense conversation about the issue after it happened, and Schwartz was left to sleep on their couch later that night.

“Trust me, I paid for it. Lesson has been learned,” he said. “Any guys listening out there, just let me tell you… cheating is not worth it.”

In her Bravo blog, Maloney, who, as the Inquisitr reported, recently debuted a ring on her engagement finger, revealed she took big steps towards improving her and Tom Schwartz’s relationship ahead of the cast’s trip to Miami.

Below is her statement:

“Tom and I had just gone through an extremely difficult period, and it really shook us both to our core. I had to completely turn my attention and priorities towards our relationship and asses everything. How my process works is that I need to take emotions out of the equation and give the situation a rational and logical look. Next I had to decide where I needed to place importance. Now considering I don’t subscribe to Jax’s bullsh–, I no longer placed any importance on what he says and does. I knew that what he says and does can and did affect me, but it was no longer important to me. Rebuilding my relationship was the most important thing to me. So in order to move forward, both in head and heart, I had to forgive everyone. Not for them but for me.”

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