Comcast Customer Service In Hot Water Again, See The Offensive Name Change Given To Customer

Another Comcast customer has come forward after discovering a highly offensive name-change on her bill. According to WGN-TV, Mary Bauer received a bill addressed to “Super B—- Bauer.” Needless to say, she was quite shocked and appalled by the extremely vulgar and insulting terminology the company used to identify her.

“It says Super B—- Bauer,” she said. “This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I do not deserve this.”

Apparently, the 63-year-old woman’s business relationship with the company’s customer service department isn’t too great. However, her complaints may have merit. She’s reportedly had to contact customer service repeatedly to complain about the same issue. Bauer recently revealed how many times she’s had a Comcast technician sent to her home for repairs. The staggering number would probably cause any customer to become a bit irritated.

“I had 39 technicians here from November to April,” Bauer revealed.


Bauer, a Comcast customer for the past five years, explained that the problem began about a year ago. After upgrading her cable service, she began having connection issues with her cable signal. However, many of the technicians dispatched to her home failed to rectify the problem. By November, one technician finally got it right. However, the fix led to another problem — a missing bill. Bauer reportedly did not receive a bill about four months straight.

“I was nice enough to call them to ask how much I owe,” she said.

She also admitted that she did get “a little angry because I never got good service.” However, she made it clear that she did not use any offensive language to voice her frustrations. But, when she did receive her bill, she was definitely shocked when she read the name on the statement.

Comcast has yet to release a detailed statement in regards to this incident. However, the company has confirmed that an investigation will be conducted.

“We are investigating this thoroughly and will reach out to our customer.”

[Image via WGN]