'RHOBH' Producers Responsible For Brandi Glanville's Bad Girl Persona? She Claims She's Only Mean 'When Provoked'

Are RHOBH producers responsible for the way Brandi Glanville has been portrayed on season five? According to a new tweet, Glanville seems to feel Bravo has edited her to look meaner than she really is.

On February 4, after a fan claimed Glanville was "meaaaan" to Kyle Richards on Tuesday night's episode of the show, Glanville fought back.

During the episode in question, RHOBH producers featured Glanville and Richards in a heated debate at Richards' gay mixer. Although Glanville claims she only attended the party, which she was not invited to, in an effort to make amends with Richards, she didn't take kindly to Richards' apology and later threatened to knock her teeth out.

Following the airing of the episode, Glanville claimed to be the victim of RHOBH producers, alleging Richards came after her yelling and screaming -- not the other way around. She even told Yolanda Foster that Richards was drunk when she arrived to the party, and claimed to have only had a glass of wine herself.

In her Bravo blog, as reported by the Inquisitr, Glanville slammed Richards for making an "a**" out of herself in front of her party guests, and claimed she was not coming in between Richards and her sister, Kim, as she had been accused.

"Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, had to hear how upset she was," Glanville wrote. "She made the circuit, turning every conversation to her drama. Not exactly my idea of a hostess making her guests feel comfortable. It might have been better to keep things to herself, not make a big deal, and make sure everyone had a great, comfortable time, but, no, it was all about Kyle, as it always has to be."

"I gave her a hug hello, a smile, and said nothing about anything, because I really wanted a calm night. Later when Kyle bee-lined over to me with the fake apology I accepted it--twice--quietly. But we all know it was just an insincere opening to begin her angry confrontation and cause a giant scene. I find it amazing--really amazing--that she ran around to a dozen people saying I would cause a scene right before she came over yelling, arguing, making accusations, and making an ass of herself."
Glanville also called out RHOBH producers on the night the episode aired, telling fans on Twitter, "You only see what they show that's it!"

[Photo via Twitter]