'Destiny: The House Of Wolves' Coming After March, 'Comet' Fall Release Teased

A sizable information leak for The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny arrived earlier this week. Bungie provided a response Thursday that lines up with that leak and also teased a future expansion for the fall that is likely the first "Comet" expansion for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The leak gave a release date of May 17, 2015 for The House of Wolves along with other information such as new Light levels, armor, and weapons. Destiny Community Manager David "Deej" Dague confirmed that the next game update is coming in February with the Heavy Weapon ammo fix among other things. He then gave a second-quarter release window for the second expansion.

"Since we've started throwing around soft deadlines for game updates, we might as well set your expectations that 'Destiny Expansion II: The House of Wolves' will be released sometime in the second quarter of this year," Dague wrote. "If you're not used to people saying things like 'Q2' when they're measuring time, just rip your annual calendar into four equal parts and scrutinize the second piece. Sometime within those three months (April, May, and June), we'll have a new adventure to embark upon with you."

Bungie's not sharing any other details now. Based on the following comment from Dague, it doesn't sound like the developer is ready to start pulling the cover back.

"We're keeping all other details under wraps for now. There is a special team here that's dedicated to creating some new ways for you to play Destiny. They're also making the game you know a better reflection of what we've learned about you since you've started playing. While they do their thing, we'll walk the fine line between making you a part of the process and providing them with a safe place to explore possibilities and do their best work," he explained.

Destiny Fallen (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Then he dropped this nugget, which confirmed the previous Destiny: Comet expansion leak.

"And on a long enough timeline, we'll also talk about what we're planning for this Fall," Dague teased.

You can think of "Comet" releases as a Destiny 1.5 release. The leaked image of the first Comet called the expansion Plague of Darkness and hinted at the opportunity to adventure inside a Hive space ship.

A Comet expansion is closer to a full release of Destiny with nearly the same number of Story missions, Strikes, Public Events, Raids, Patrols, and Crucible maps. The roadmap for the game indicates that every release of the game will come with two expansions and a Comet release that comes with its own two expansions.

Is the second quarter too long to wait for a Destiny expansion like The House of Wolves? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]