Facebook Girlfriend Now Available For Just $5

We’ve seen people go to some seriously crazy lengths to make their significant other feel lousy about a breakup but today’s news might be the craziest.

A member on the fiverr.com website, a destination where people can say crazy things they will do for $5 and then have people purchase their services, has agreed to be a fake Facebook girlfriend for just $5.

According to user Cathy01, she’ll be your Facebook belle for 10 days and even write up three fake but affectionate messages on your wall.

Cathy actually isn’t the first person to take on the task, a start-up called Cloud Girlfriend was launched in March 2011 that actually’s lets users design their ideal girlfriend who then interacts with them via their Facebook wall.

Ultimately Cloud Girlfriend failed because Facebook’s own TOS says you can’t create fake accounts. Cathy on the other hand is a very real person using her own account to make your ex-girlfriend jealous.

It would be interesting to know if she changes her home location and other information to make the entire situation seem more “real” because for all that work $5 really doesn’t go a long way.

In the meantime Cathy has already received 5 orders but we’re not exactly sure how she’s going to pull them all off at one time since you can only list one significant other at a time and the longer people wait the less it will make their former girlfriend jealous.

By the way, that’s Cathy in the photo above, I would say she’s more than good enough in the looks department to make many former girlfriends jealous.

Would you be willing to pay $5 if it meant making a former significant other feel bad about your recent breakup?