Spoilers For 'The Blacklist': New Tidbits Regarding Liz, Red And The Fulcrum Set To Emerge

The Blacklist moves to Thursday nights beginning on February 5, and fans are seemingly in for quite the treat. This episode is the conclusion of the "Luther Braxton" two-part episode, and it's going to be a nail-biter. What Blacklist spoilers are available for this Season 2, Episode 10 show?

Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp teases via Entertainment Weekly that Braxton, played by Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman, will take drastic measures to get information from Liz related to the Fulcrum.

Bokenkamp teases, "What information might be in her mind, in her memory that she's perhaps not even aware of? What sort of secrets are buried deep within her past and her connection to Red that might unlock a greater sort of understanding of both the Fulcrum and her relationship to Red?"

A new Blacklist spoiler sneak peek from EW shows Braxton and Liz in a helicopter, and she's asking where she is and if Ressler and Navabi made it out of the black site prison alive. Braxton says he doesn't know and doesn't care. He then asks Liz how it feels to have something people are willing to die for locked up in her pretty little head.

Keen, of course, says she doesn't know anything, and as far as she realizes, she doesn't. However, as Red, Braxton and fans know, that's not exactly the truth. Somehow, there is intel regarding the Fulcrum buried within Liz, and it's clear that Braxton will do whatever it takes to get that valuable information.

While Bokenkamp tosses out the tantalizing question of whether Liz might even die before the FBI and Reddington find her, fans aren't too worried things will go that far. While Red's motives for keeping Liz safe are questionable, fans know that the character of Liz Keen isn't about to be killed off.

As TV Guide notes, Braxton will pull in Dr. Selma Orchard, played by ER star Gloria Reuben, to get the information out of Liz. Keen will be pumped full of drugs so Orchard can take her back to the night of the fire in her childhood. Viewers have seen the Blacklist spoiler preview showing Liz jerking awake and saying her father was at the fire that night.

Executive producer John Eisendrath teases that Orchard makes a very personal connection with Liz, but he didn't tease any further details on that front. As Keen is taken back to that night, viewers will see the current Liz and younger version of Liz sitting together. There will be fear, surprise and shock ahead for Keen, but possibly for viewers as well.

During Thursday's episode viewers will learn more about Reddington and Braxton's history together, a bit more about Liz and Red's history, and naturally, more about the cabal led by the Director that is at the core of this Fulcrum file.

Before Fitch died, he referenced a Fulcrum file in a safe in St. Petersburg, and Blacklist spoilers indicate that a future episode will show the hunt for that. How does that tie to the memories Liz has hidden, the fire, her father and the cabal? There are many layers to this mystery, and while fans will learn a few new tidbits in Thursday's episode, it's clear that this is going to take a while to play out in full.

Last week's episode will air again Thursday night, ahead of "Luther Braxton: Conclusion" for those who missed parts of it after the Super Bowl or want to analyze it again. The Blacklist Season 2, Episode 10 show focusing on Liz's memories, the fire, and the Fulcrum airs on February 5.

[Image via Spoilers Guide]