Jon Huntsman To End Bid For US Presidency

Jon Huntsman will no longer be seeking the office of the President. Sources close to the Republican primary race say he will officially make his announcement on Monday.

During his end of campaign event Huntsman is expected to endorse Mitt Romney during an event in South Carolina on Monday.

While his very small percentage of expected voters in the area may not make a huge difference in voting they will likely help add to the 21 point lead Romney has received in a recent AP poll.

Huntman routinely fell to the bottom of polling in Iowa, New Hampshire and now in South Carolina where his expected vote count was closer to 1 to 2 percent.

Further details regarding his plans have not been revealed as campaign officials spoke only on condition of anomynity.

Do you think Jon Huntsman dropping out of the GOP primary and endorsing Mitt Romney is going to make any difference?