‘Million Dollar Listing’ Stars End Feud: Was It All For Business?

Million Dollar Listing: New York is set to return in April with a brand new season, but it will be the same three real-estate agents who are returning. Million Dollar Listing veterans Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant will return, as well as Luis D. Ortiz, who is very excited about the show’s premiere, according to the Inquisitr. But last season was tough for Luis, who tried to create some genuine relationships with people on the show, including Eklund.

It is no secret that Million Dollar Listing was such a big success because there was a dash of drama between the agents. They were all competitive, going for lower prices and trying to be professional. During the end of Million Dollar Listing Season 3, Luis and Fredrik had an emotional conversation about their friendship. But did the feud end there?

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing stars Fredrik and Luis are actually co-listing a space and they are celebrating their heritages as a way of getting people in the door. These two agents can actually be in the same space, which must mean that they have settled their feud. Perhaps this upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing will be more about healing old wounds than being competitive.

“Tonight Fredrik and I combined forces for the third time in our careers to sell the Penthouse at 138 West 19th Street for $6,000,000,” Million Dollar Listing star Luis wrote on Instagram, adding, “We did a Puertorican and Swedish party for our first open house and it was a major success. With over 200 people, arroz con gandules, Swedish meatballs, coquitos and vodka, salsa and the frog song everyone danced like there was no tomorrow.”

It is possible that Million Dollar Listing stars Eklund and Ortiz sat down to have a talk. Around the time that the Million Dollar Listing reunion show aired, Fredrik expressed regret in how he treated Luis and revealed that he really wanted the friendship back.

“I wish I could deserve his friendship. I wish he wouldn’t have said the things he did, and seen my sides of things. I wish I had a different way of communicating with him. I wish I wouldn’t have lost his trust a long time ago. I wish I was better on apologizing,” Million Dollar Listing star Eklund revealed, adding. “For now we will move in different directions. I will be cautious and guarded and then we will see. I do wish him the best with everything, I truly do, and it was hurtful to see him cry like that, but also beautiful I think. I have told him that after the Reunion, and that he should be proud to be able to open up like that.”

So, was the make-up on Million Dollar Listing all for business? It sounds like Fredrik really had a need to clear the air and apologize, even if there were no business deals between them. This friendship sounds genuine.

Will you be watching the new season of Million Dollar Listing: New York?

[Image via Bravo]