USS John C. Stennis Naval Ship Sails Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Naval ships often sail through the waterways of the world preparing for battle and taking military personnel where they need to go. Some may not think of happy, peaceful, and serene times when it comes to these aircraft carriers, but the USS John C. Stennis brought just that when it sailed right through a rainbow.

As CNN reported, Navy photographer Ignacio Perez was on the deck of the USS John C. Stennis on Tuesday morning around 10:30 a.m. The aircraft carrier was sailing through the Pacific Ocean when he got what is being called the shot of a lifetime.

That was when the USS John C. Stennis sailed right through a rainbow.

"As a photographer I am used to documenting operational events like aircraft launches and recoveries," Perez, a 21-year-old mass communications specialist third class, said in an email. "But when I saw the rainbow I was excited because it was different. I knew the odds of the ship passing near another rainbow were pretty slim."

Perez happened to be up on deck working on another project at the time, and the shot with the rainbow just kind of fell in his lap. Actually, it went right over the top of his head and the entire length of the ship.

"I was actually covering the end of a 5K run on the flight deck at the time, but I noticed the rainbow as a fog cloud was breaking and quickly changed my location to ensure I had a better view of the ship passing underneath it."

While it may look like a classic shot, Perez isn't entirely sure if the picture of the USS John C. Stennis going through a rainbow is the best shot he has ever taken, according to WSMV.

"I honestly don't like to rank my photos because I think every image is important, but it is definitely unique."

Currently, the USS John C. Stennis is the first duty station for the three-year Navy veteran. In 2013, he nabbed the Russell Egnor Navy Media Award honorable mention for photography in operational documentation.

This peaceful and calm shot is one that is entirely different than the video of the USS Ponce blowing things up with their new laser weapon. Sure, both are cool in their own ways, but they are totally opposite ends of the peace spectrum.

Don't just assume that all aircraft carriers and Naval ships are war-torn and full of violence. This image of the USS John C. Stennis sailing right through a rainbow brings smiles to the faces of everyone and shows that even warships can be part of a lullaby.

[Image via US Navy/CNN]