‘Bachelor’ Star Kelsey Poe Does Not Have A Supporter In Michelle Money

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe may have joined the show to find love, but she quickly realized that she needed to tell Chris Soules about her past. Poe wanted to tell him that she was indeed a widow and had been married once before. Kelsey decided to open up and let him know everything, which was a sweet moment captured by a cameraman. However, the editing didn’t exactly mirror the sweet girl who was telling the story.

In fact, Kelsey Poe didn’t exactly win over viewers when she claimed that The Bachelor was now her love story with Chris Soules as well. Some viewers were questioning whether Kelsey was using her widow status to gain sympathy points. And one person who appears to be critical of Poe’s behavior is Michelle Money.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Kelsey Poe doesn’t have the biggest supporter in Michelle Money, as Money is questioning Poe’s true intentions by being on the show. She felt that Kelsey’s delivery of her thoughts didn’t appear to be genuine.

“I don’t support her delivery, I don’t know that I believe her delivery is a genuine, well thought through delivery,” Michelle explained in her video, adding, “That being said, I know that we are getting a small portion of a very large amount of footage that has been filmed on Kelsey in regards to this. Let’s just keep that in mind about Kelsey, that we don’t know the whole story. We don’t know what kind of editing has gone into this. I’m just grateful I’ve never been through something as tragic as that, and the girl has confidence. I’m gonna give her that.”

Kelsey Poe talked about her deceased husband, Sanderson Poe, as the love of her life while being interviewed for her one-on-one interview. And during this interview, she called her story “tragic, but amazing.” And that didn’t really sit well with people.

“I love my story!” Kelsey Poe said, adding, “I know this is a show about Chris. But this is my love story, too. This is the unfolding of somebody who’s been through something so tragic and you get to watch her pick up the pieces and grow into another person and into another relationship.”

According to the Inquisitr, Kelsey Poe’s sister has come out in defense of her, saying that her story is in fact amazing. Dealing with the death of a husband when he is so young has got to be hard to do.

What do you think about Michelle Money’s opinion? Do you think Kelsey Poe’s interview was poorly edited to look worse than it was?

[Image via ABC]