‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Fitz, Jake And Gladiators Scramble To Save Olivia In ‘Where’s The Black Lady?’

Season 4 of Scandal is airing new episodes again, and fans are anxious to dig into a new show given how wild the winter premiere last week was. Olivia Pope is still missing, but the world will soon find out just what it will supposedly take to get her released. What Scandal spoilers are available for the February 5 show titled “Where’s the Black Lady?”

The show’s Facebook page teases that this will be another “spine-tingling, crazy-twisty” episode. Fitz will be challenged to initiate war against West Angola in order to save Olivia and the whole thing has been engineered by Fitz’s own vice president.

E! Online shared a new Scandal spoiler sneak peek. Olivia is still being held hostage by Ian, and now he knows just how important she is to the president. The clip shows her washing up a bit as he stands behind her. She tries to tell him that the president won’t start a war over her, but Ian disagrees.

Ian says he is willing to wager a bet of one dollar that Fitz indeed will initiate the war in order to save his “Olivia doll.” Though Ian is betting that he’s right, he admits that ultimately it doesn’t really matter as he gets paid either way, and this assertion stops Liv in her tracks for a moment. This is certainly one chilling bad guy, and it doesn’t sound as if Olivia will get away from him quite yet.

As Pope stays locked up, her team of Gladiators digs in to try to find her. Jake, Quinn, and Huck will scramble and connect to everybody they can to figure out where she is, but will they have any luck? As has been previously noted by the Inquisitr, based on Scandal spoilers and the synopsis for the episode airing on February 12, it’s going to take some time yet.

Viewers didn’t get to see everybody react to Olivia’s kidnapping during the winter premiere, other than the initial chase by Jake. This week, however, there will be plenty of action both at the White House and at Olivia Pope and Associates. Everybody is on edge and no stones are left unturned.

ABC’s photos released ahead of this episode show action at the White House and OPA along with some shots of both Mellie and Liz. There is at least one scene of these two tough ladies together, and it will certainly be interesting to hear that conversation. How well do Liz and Andrew keep their tracks covered when it comes to their hand in kidnapping Olivia? What’s Mellie’s take on the situation going to be?

It’s clearly going to be a wild second half of Season 4, and fans are anxious to see what additional twists and turns lie ahead. The episode of Scandal titled “Where’s the Black Lady?” airs on ABC on Thursday, February 5.