Teresa Giudice Penning $1 Million Tell-All Memoir From Jail In Get Rich Quick Scheme

Teresa Giudice may only be a few weeks into her 15-month prison sentence at the Federal facility in Danbury, but while in jail, there’s no doubt she has lots of time to think and reflect on her life.

So why not use that time to make a quick buck and pen a $1 million tell-all memoir of what life is like for a celebrity in jail?

And that’s exactly what Teresa is doing, according to a report by The Daily Mail which claims that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star plans to profit from her misfortune.

The report claims that Teresa Giudice’s prison memoir, which would describe her day-to-day life as an inmate at Danbury, could bring her around $1 million in badly needed income.

David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision, told the press about Teresa’s book, “She’d probably get anywhere between $200,000 to $1 million for a book. She’ll be quite marketable.”

For her part, Teresa is no stranger to world of publishing books as she has already written three cookbooks which all made it the New York Times bestseller list.

As a source revealed to reporters, regarding Teresa’s entry to Danbury, “When Teresa first arrived, she was greeted by a line of people. And she told me about how she got gifts of things she needed like soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste from other inmates as a welcome. Commissary even opened early for her. Now she is even getting her food trays served to her instead of having to stand in line.”

According to another report in Us Weekly, Teresa Giudice is taking full advantage of her time in jail and apparently “getting in the best shape of her life” by taking full advantage of the gym facilities at Danbury.

The RHONJ star reportedly made $650,000 per episode and is rumored to be planning a spin-off show based on her life after prison. As Johnson claimed,”She’s gonna cash in no matter what. For speaking engagements, she could $5K to $20K per gig. What she needs to do is talk about what she’s learned.”