Twitter Makes Deal With Google For Real Time Search Results

In an effort to increase exposure, Twitter just made a deal with Google to include tweets on a real-time basis in the internet giant’s search results.

Sometime during the first half of 2015, tweets will start to appear in search results on Google as they are posted. This will be made possible by giving Google access to the microblogging service’s “firehose,” which is the stream of data generated by Twitter’s 284 million users.

Previously, Google had to crawl Twitter’s website to dredge up the information, but in the new system, it will generate automatically.

According to a source who prefers to remain nameless, engineers from both Google and Twitter are working on the new plan. The Telegraph says the source desires anonymity as the deal is not yet officially public.

Apparently, there was a similar deal which ran from 2009 to 2011, but Twitter’s chief operating officer at the time, Ali Rowghani, decided not to renew the agreement in order to keep more control over Twitter’s content.

While the deal is not yet official, apparently Anthony Noto, chief financial officer for the microblogging company, did say at an analyst meeting in November that they were working hard to make tweets easier to find through the search engines.

He said at the time that negotiating with the various search providers would be a “unique opportunity” to get more tweets out to more viewers. It seems the news is already making waves in the financial markets.

According to the Guardian, tweets are already visible in Yahoo and Bing search results, and this can only expand the service further. They also said, however, that neither Google nor Twitter were available for comment on the new deal.

Apparently, there is no advertising revenue involved in the deal between Twitter and Google, but is hoped this will also help to increase the percentage of Twitter’s monthly active users, which has reportedly slowed down in recent months.

Speaking of deals, the Inquisitr reported on Thursday that Katy Perry has made one of her own this week with Glu Mobile. This is for a game app featuring her name, voice, and personality, following the lead of Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game.

[Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Scott Beale]