Microsoft Says Skype ‘Coming Soon’ For Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

After purchasing Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 Microsoft hasn’t been quick to offer a Windows Phone version of their popular messaging and phone calling program. Now VP Rick Osterlod revealed that CES that a Skype for Windows Phone device is “coming out soon.”

The announcement was made during an interview at CES after Microsoft has long showed the program running on Windows Phone 7 devices but has not released a version of the messaging program for their own mobile OS.

Here’s the taped interview with Rick Osterlod:

The Verge recently announced that a fully interwoven version of Skype wouldn’t arrive until Windows Phone “Appolo” arrives in late 2012. In the meantime Microsoft is not expected to provide any “special treatment” to Skype mobile.

With higher resolution “front-facing” cameras arriving in bulk it’s likely that Microsoft will work as quickly as possible to roll out a worthwhile Windows Phone 7 app for Skype.

Are you eagerly awaiting this new messages/phone app from Microsoft?

[Image via RedmondPie]