911 Dispatcher Breaks Rules To Save Little Boy’s Life, ‘I’m Not Going To Let You Lose Him’ [Video]

A 911 dispatcher in Galax, Virginia, is being called a hero after he broke department rules to save the life of a dying 17-month-old little boy.

KFOR reports that a 17-month-old little boy, Aiden Walker, was not feeling well. Therefore, his mother left to go get the boy some medicine while his grandmother tucked him into bed. Little did they know that Aiden would take a turn for the worse and his life would soon be in the hands of a 911 dispatcher who would have to break the rules to save the boy’s life.

After Aiden was put to bed, he suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. His grandmother, Cheri Grable, screamed for his mother, Melissa Grable, to call 911. Melissa immediately called 911 and was connected with 911 dispatcher Tim Webb.

Webb is certified in CPR and knew that the boy, who was turning blue, needed immediate action taken to save his life. However, the Galax Police Department does not have an emergency medical dispatch certification. This means that dispatchers are not allowed to provide medical advice, including CPR instructions. However, Webb says he couldn’t sit by and do nothing as the boy died in his mother’s arms.

Therefore, Webb asked for permission from his chief and began giving out the life-saving CPR advice over the phone. You can hear some of the conversation in the video above.

In the partial transcript below of the 911 call, you can see that Webb provided detailed instructions on exactly how to perform CPR on the dying boy. With the closest ambulance over 20 minutes away, it is Webb’s actions that saved the boy from almost certain death.

Caller: “Oh my God! My baby, my baby!”

Dispatcher: “What’s wrong with your baby ma’am?”

Caller: “He’s not breathing. He’s turning purple. Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Caller: “He’s dying! He can’t breathe!”

Dispatcher: “Anybody there that knows CPR?”

Caller: “No, no, what do we do?”

Caller: “He’s my only son. I can’t lose him.”

Dispatcher: “I’m not gonna let you lose him. Put him on your kitchen table, okay?”

Caller: “Okay.”

Dispatcher: “Alright, barely pinch his nose off and put your mouth over top of his mouth. And I need you to blow in it just a second and see, okay?”

Aiden’s family says they are incredibly thankful for Webb and has made it part of their routine to visit the man who saved Aiden’s life.