February 5, 2015
WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Not Interested In 'WrestleMania 32' Match?

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest wrestlers in all of WWE history. On top of his wrestling skills and promo ability, Austin contains a top-tier mind in professional wrestling. His excellent relationship with WWE allows him to teach the younger generation and help mold the next era of WWE superstars. As of late, Austin is perfecting the art of the "podcast," which WWE is capitalizing on.

On the WWE Network, Austin has hosted a live edition of the Stone Cold Podcast. The first one was with Vince McMahon, where they analyzed the business and focused on the Undertaker and CM Punk. The latest edition was with Triple H, where they talked about a lot of controversial topics, such as CM Punk and Chyna's absence from the WWE Hall of Fame.

However, WWE fans all around love Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is why they want him back in the ring. WrestleMania 32 was announced in January to be in Dallas, Texas at AT&T Stadium. Will the Texas Rattlesnake enter the squared circle once again? According to Stone Cold himself in his podcast with Wade Keller of PWTorch.com, it doesn't look likely that will happen.

Although he has talked in the past as if he was open to the idea, when speaking with Wade Keller during a recent interview last week,WWEHall Of Fame "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was negative when the idea of returning at WrestleMania 32 for one final match at Cowboys Stadium was brought up.

Austin isn't being shy with his comments, as he never holds back with his questions on the podcast, or when discussing a potential in-ring return. The WWE would never say no to a Stone Cold Steve Austin return. He's as popular as the Rock, if not more so.

The Rock made a comeback at WrestleMania 28, and again at WrestleMania 29. While the WWE Universe was indifferent at first with his part-time schedule, it was nice to see the People's Champion back in a WWE ring. Austin nearly came back a few years ago when CM Punk was the hottest-commodity in professional wrestling.

He's said it before that if everything made sense and it worked, then he would consider a WWE return. If he got to work with a guy like Punk, who is clearly still over with the WWE Universe, money would roll in by the millions. Austin and Punk would tear the house down with promos and matches. However, with Punk dabbling in UFC and Austin seemingly interested, the match may well remain a dream for WWE fans.

[Image via Wrestling Rumors.]