Autopsy Reveals 2-Year-Old Girl Suffered ‘Multiple Episodes Of Abuse’ Prior To Rape And Death

Man charged with raping and murdering 2-year-old niece

The autopsy of a 2-year-old little girl from Van Buren, Arkansas, revealed that the child suffered from at least two injuries in the months leading up to her rape and death. The girl’s uncle, Cohen J. Davis, has been charged with both rape and first degree murder in the little girl’s death.

According to KFSM, the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory released a new report on Wednesday that outlined “multiple episodes of abuse” throughout the girl’s short life. In fact, two of the episodes occurred during the last two months of her life. However, in October, the last time the little girl would visit the hospital, doctors suspected her internal injuries were from rape. The little girl would die from her injuries.

According to the police report, the autopsy showed that the rape occurred within hours of being admitted to the hospital. The only person with the child during that time was the girl’s uncle. Cohen was arrested on rape charges back in November and pleaded guilty. However, on Tuesday, following the newly-released autopsy reports, prosecutors added a charge of first degree murder.

The state medical examiner has officially classified the 2-year-old’s death as a homicide. The death was the result of “multiple blunt force traumas.”

Cohen originally told family members that the girl had fallen down a flight of stairs. However, the autopsy proved that there was something more sinister that went on when the girl’s parents left her uncle in charge.

Sadly, 4029TV notes that the report indicates that the injuries that caused the girl’s death were not her first instances of abuse. In fact, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital staff had reported an injury to the Arkansas State Police’s Crimes Against Children division less than a month before the girl’s death. The staff noted a broken arm that didn’t add up. The girl was seen again in the hospital for a hematoma on her cheek that the family claims occurred when she fell on a coffee table.

The girl’s mother claims she had no idea that the abuse was happening at the hands of the uncle. She says they “didn’t think he was capable of anything.” She says the child’s name was Naomi and she “was perfect.”

“Obviously, we didn’t think he was capable of anything. There’s nothing that I would want to say to him. She was perfect. We are going to miss her, we all miss her.”

Since Naomi’s death, three other children have been removed from the home and taken into state custody. Meanwhile, Cohen is being held without bond, waiting for his April 8 court date.