Paris Hilton Fuels Breast Implant Rumors With Surprisingly Busty New Instagram Shot

Paris Hilton may have been largely forgotten since her fame of the early 2000s was eclipsed by her now-former friend Kim Kardashian, but Hilton is definitely not gone. In fact, she took to Instagram this week to prove that she is only getting bigger.

At least, her breasts are.

While the 33-year-old Hilton heiress — she turns 34 on February 19 — has long denied, or at least refused to comment, on rumors that she has gone under the knife to receive breast enhancement surgery, the new selfie she posted Monday from the dressing room of a photo shoot appears to show that the once proudly flat-chested Paris has embraced the large-breasted look, if not through surgery, than through some extremely skillful makeup and lighting.

Back in 2008, before the New York Times declared Hilton “a little passé — a Sony Walkman in an iPod era, a Friendster in the age of Facebook,” the once-popular socialite gave an interview in which she discussed the size of her breasts.

At the time, her childhood friend, the amply-endowed Kim Kardashian, was already rising to fame partly on Hilton’s coattails — seeming to appear in every photograph of her more famous friend, like this one, from happier times.

Perhaps in response, Paris defended her own, less eye-popping figure.

“I like how mine are, I don’t like big boobs,” she said back then, in what may have been a shot directed at her pre-school pal, Kim.

But in what appears to be a case of Paris Hilton adopting the age-old “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy, in one more bid for relevancy, she posted this Instagram shot, which immediately went widely viral.

In another Instagram shot from the actual photo shoot — the purpose of which is not quite certain, other than to get a new set of photos for her own use — Hilton wears a bustier under a jacket, and appears to be checking out her own cleavage.

Paris Hilton breast implant rumors


Paris Hilton has consistently refused to confirm or deny whether she has actually received breast implants or not, but commenters on her Instagram page seem to have made up their minds, with one in particular posing the direct question, “Who did your t**s?”

Others expressed admiration for the new, or seemingly new, Paris Hilton look.

Paris Hilton captioned the mirror-selfie with the hashtag, “#GlamTime,” which may be as much a reference to the vast amount of makeup visible on her dressing table as to her suddenly prominent bustline.