Recent South Carolina Poll Shows Surge In Mitt Romney Supporters

Just three short days ago the Mitt Romney campaign appeared to be collapsing in South Carolina with just a 2% lead over Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich but a new Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals that the millionaires lead has increased exponentially over the last several days.

According to the poll Romney is back on top with 37% of the vote, a 21-point lead over his nearest rivals Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. The new poll also shows Gingrich far behind in fourth with just 12% of the vote.

When specifically asked if Mitt Romney is “electable” against Barack Obama 46% of Republicans answered yes while 40% of Democrats also answered in the affirmative.

According to an Ipsos poller:

“In primary races things can change quickly, but it does look like Romney is in position to win South Carolina.”

According to ABC News Romney’s numbers have likely spiked after Newt Gingrinch attack ads against his time at Bain Capital backfired. In fact Newt was booed during a forum hosted by Mike Huckabee when he brought up Romney’s profiteering from Bain.

According to a Romney supporter:

“I think those attacks are misguided. The process of any economy has long been one of creative destruction.”

In the meantime Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert has released an attack ad of his own (or at least his Super PAC has) in which he calls Mitt Romney a capitalist and serial killer. Obviously Colbert’s ad unlike Newt was all in jest.

Here’s one example of a Newt Gingrich attack ad against Mitt Romney:

Do you think that attacks from Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are helping Romney gain support in South Carolina?