Girl, 6, Urinates In Class After Teacher Denies Her Bathroom Break, Sent Home In Diaper

A Florida mother is outraged after her six-year-old daughter was denied a bathroom break, which resulted in her being humiliated in front of the other children in her kindergarten class. The girl urinated on the floor after her teacher told her she could not use the restroom. After the incident, the mother says the girl was humiliated further when the girl was placed in a diaper and boy’s pants.

According to Naples News, the child attends Sunset Hills Elementary School in Tarpon Springs. The kindergarten student, Chloee Kingett, asked her music teacher if she could use the restroom and was denied the request. She says she could not hold it and began whimpering and holding herself. Instead of seeing the urgency of the bathroom break, the music teacher scolded the girl and told her that she would be disciplined if she didn’t stop “causing a disturbance.” Chloee says she was unable to hold in her pee any longer and was forced to urinate on the floor.

Chloee claims that the teacher told her she could not go to the bathroom because “we always take too long.” Chloee says that is because there is always someone else in the bathroom. However, instead of calling Chloee’s mother, Goldie Kingett, after the accident, the teacher placed the girl in a diaper and boy’s pants. The child was then forced to wear the diaper for the remainder of the day.

Chloee’s mother says that she did not know about the accident until she picked her up from school. She immediately noticed that her daughter was wearing boy’s pants and a diaper. NBC News reports that Chloee was so embarrassed by the incident that she no longer wants to go to school.

“I don’t want to go back.”

Goldie says she did not make Chloee go back to school the following day because she was so upset about what had happened. She also notes that the entire situation could have been avoided if the teacher would have simply let Chloee use the restroom when she needed to go. However, the school says there was a miscommunication, and the music teacher was under the impression that all the children had went to the restroom before coming to class.

The school district did note that Goldie should have been notified about the accident. However, she says that never happened.

What actions do you think the school district should take to ensure a similar situation does not happen again? Should children ever be denied bathroom breaks in school? If a child does have an accident, is a diaper appropriate without parental consent?