Mia Khalifa Has Football Player Iman Marshall Declaring About His Choice: ‘Man, It’s Just Crazy!’ [Video]


When an adult video star as popular as Mia Khalifa starts rooting for you, it’s easy to imagine how any young athlete might react. High School football player Iman Marshall admits it’s been “crazy” how people, not just Khalifa, were trying to influence his decision for a college on National Signing Day 2015, but he’s made his decision in an epic way — by releasing a music video!

In related report by the Inquisitr, while the Belle Knox video series has earned the Duke University student Miriam Weeks the nickname the “Duke porn star,” now she’s transforming that popularity into a political career. Oh, and she is really, really into Rand Paul.

Mia Khalifa is apparently really into football, too. Over on her Twitter account, she’s been following the career choices of various players, making recommendations, and rooting for certain decisions, especially those that favor her home state of Florida. The adult video actress also keeps it clean on her Twitter account. When someone crudely asked, “Where are t***y & a** pics at? Haven’t seen you post any of them,” she replied, “And you won’t. Exit to the left.”

You might also be surprised that Khalifa apparently knows more about football than many men.

Today, she also congratulated another high school football player named Cordell Broadus for making his choice.

Iman Marshall must have felt some sort of pressure to cave into Mia Khalifa, since she wanted the Poly All-American cornerback to go for Florida State. He’s even had a horde of college football coaches parading through his door, from Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher to Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and UCLA’s Jim Mora. It’s attention like this that has the fourth best high school football player in the nation declaring how bizarre the process has been.

“Man, it’s just crazy,” Iman Marshall said. “Have you seen anything like this?”

But Iman wouldn’t let even Mia Khalifa sway his choice during the recruiting circus. His father, Tony Marshall, also made it clear why he made the decision he chose in the end.

“One thing that’s always been important to us is the alumni support, and how colleges help make that transition after football,” Mr. Marshal said, according to Gazette Sports.

Before Nation Signing Day 2015, Iman Marshall eventually narrowed his decision down to LSU, USC, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame and FSU. While most college recruits use the hat-choosing game to announce their decision, Marshall made his announcement even more unusual by creating a musical video called “The Commitment.” And, no, Mia Khalifa is not in it.