Cereal Killer: California Man Accused of Poisoning Wife’s Rice Krispies

A man in California was arrested on suspicion of poisoning his wife’s cereal. Police say that 43-year-old Fernando Porras of Azusa added an extra ingredient to his wife’s Rice Krispies.

Porras is currently being held Los Angeles County Jail while police investigate the murder attempt.

The woman’s 17-year-old daughter told CBS:

‘She goes ‘something’s in it, something’s in it… So I went and picked it up and when I saw what was in the cup, I could smell it and I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is a chemical.’”

Police responded to an emergency phone call and brought the woman and her husband to the hospital. Police grew suspicious of Porras when he fled the hospital after telling officers that he was stepping outside for a cigarette.

Porras was arrested a few miles down the road.

The Daily Mail reports that Porras has a history with drugs. His daughter, however, doesn’t know what the motive was behind the murder attempt.

The 17-year-old girl said:

“It’s my dad. It’s hard not think about, you know, why would he do it?”

Porras reportedly used an all-purpose cleaner called Goof-Off in his attempt to kill his wife. Police say that Porras poured more than enough Goof-Off into his wife’s cereal to kill her.

Porras is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. His wife was released from the hospital on Friday in good condition.