‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Sex Toys Try To Dominate Valentine’s Day

While most films like Star Wars, and even the Twilight series, are bringing in loads of money from selling toys and merchandise, Fifty Shades of Grey, undoubtedly one this year’s hottest films, is aiming to bring a different kind of adults-only pleasure.

Before the film opens worldwide on Valentine’s Day weekend, fans are being treated to a number of adult toys and merchandise that will help drum up the buzz for the sizzling hot movie.

There’s the Fifty Shades of Grey wine that you can use to recreate the scene when Christian made Ana drink wine using his mouth. If you prefer to hear thumping classical music while you do the dirty deed, there’s a Fifty Shades of Grey – The Classical Album, that includes “astral, seraphic voices” that would make lovemaking reach new heights. For those who are looking for a cuddly buddy in bed, Vermont Teddy Bears released a Christian Grey bear, a suit-wearing, handcuff-carrying teddy bear who wants to “dominate Valentine’s Day.”

vermont teddy bear fifty shades of grey

But the most exciting merch from the film would have to be the sex toys.

Target unveiled a slew of products in their “adult health area” that bear the Fifty Shades brand. There’s a “Massage Me” candle and a “No Peeking” blindfold that can make your night steamier. There’s also lubricants, bath and massage oils, and for those who are leaning on the kinky side, a vibrating love ring to really shake up your time in the bedroom. While the products from Target are titillating enough, the ones on the other side of the pond are creating scandal.

ITV’s morning show, This Morning, featured London-based Lovehoney’s line of Fifty Shades of Grey adult toys. During their segment, Bondage for Beginners, two almost-naked models were shown lying in a bed inside the studio, testing out the Fifty Shades toys like wrist ties, pleasure balls, floggers, and feather ticklers. The range of products, which includes beads that are not to be worn around your neck, were all approved by the book’s author, E.L. James. “I’m so excited that the toys I described in the books have come to life!” the author shared on Lovehoney’s online store.

The U.K. morning show received a massive backlash after airing the bondage segment at 10 in the morning. Twitter flared up with angry messages claiming that bondage lessons are highly inappropriate for the morning show. While some are angry, many are delighted by these Fifty Shades­-inspired products. In 2013 alone, after the release of the book, sex toys experienced a 7.5 percent increase in sales. “There was a worldwide shortage of pleasure balls, literally,” a rep from Lovehoney revealed.

As the film draws closer, we’re pretty sure they’re already ramping up the pleasure ball production line.