Azealia Banks Posts Controversial ‘Whiteface’ Photo, Gets The ‘Frozen’ Treatment, Beefs With Gay Blogger

Azealia Banks couldn’t resist using her preparation for a new music video to cause yet another social media controversy. However, this time she left Iggy Azalea out of it.

According to Gossip Cop, Azealia Banks posted the photo above on Instagram along with a caption that simply read, “#whiteface.” She gave the picture a little time to rile up her Instagram and Twitter followers before responding to the backlash. Instead of apologizing to anyone who was upset by the photo, she chose to ridicule them.

“Lol u crackers wish I cared enough to be doing whiteface,” she tweeted. “I’m becoming the ICE PRINCESS YAAAAAAS. I use the word crAcker just as much as I use the word n****r… Don’t get mad now… You lot are all so easily moved… DAMN… Yall really r hype. This is not white face this is my Ice Princess makeup. Calm tf down LOL… And sidebar.. When snoop did whiteface YALL all thought that s**t was hilarious and funny right? #MISOGYNOIR at its finest!! [sic]”

According to E! News, Azealia Banks later shared a photo of herself wearing her full “Ice Princess” makeup. The look, which included blue lipstick and icy cheeks, was for a music video shoot.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Azealia has accused fellow artist Iggy Azalea (a.k.a. “Igloo Australia”) of misappropriating black culture numerous times. During an interview with Hot 97, she also she accused Iggy of copying Nicki Minaj. However, now it’s Azealia who is borrowing from someone who doesn’t share her skin color — she’s stolen Princess Elsa’s style.

One of Azealia Banks’ Instagram followers created the Photoshopped picture below, and Azealia shared it on her Instagram page. As you can see, the face of Frozen ice princess Elsa has been replaced with Banks’ “whiteface” photo.

Azealia better hope that the the House of Mouse doesn’t try to start a beef with her for copying a Disney character’s very popular look.

In addition to trying to annoy white people on Instagram and Twitter, Banks decided to see if she could say something that would upset the LGBT community. She launched her attack on “gay media” immediately after sharing one of her ice princess photos on Twitter.

During her rant, Banks tried to claim that she’s not homophobic. However, as Spin points out, she has a long history of using gay slurs. In 2013, she caused controversy by calling Perez Hilton the F-word. Instead of apologizing for using the slur, she tried to defend her decision to use it. However, it appears that the target of her recent tweets isn’t Perez — this time she’s upset with Vice writer Mitchell Sunderland.

According to Sunderland, he and Banks recently got into a Twitter argument over her usage of the word “twink.” In article about the exchange, Sunderland wrote that Banks “seems to insist women’s ability to give birth to gay men means they can be as homophobic as they like” in some of her recent tweets, which are too vulgar to publish here.

“For some reason, Banks blames gay men for her troubles, as if gay men have enough power in media to host a secret conference in Las Vegas and plot on how to annihilate her career,” Sunderland wrote. He also pointed out that Azealia mistakenly believes that gay men wish they had vaginas.

What do you think of Azealia Bank’s latest social media controversies?

[Images via Azealia Banks/Instagram]