Dallas Cowboys Rumors: With DeMarco Murray Likely Gone, Marshawn Lynch And Adrian Peterson Become Targets

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be losing DeMarco Murray to free agency this year, but the team could have a few big names in mind as targets to replace him — Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch.

The Cowboys are headed to a difficult decision this offseason, with both Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray hitting free agency and likely only enough money to keep one. Sources close to the team indicate that the Cowboys are trying to lock down Bryant, which would mean Murray is finding a new team.

Both Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson have been named as possible targets for the Cowboys, who are in the thick of title contention and are hoping to not lose a step this offseason.

The Adrian Peterson rumors would seem to make sense for the Dallas Cowboys. The disgraced running back could come at a discount, with the Minnesota Vikings looking to turn the page and willing to ship him off for a lower price.

And Peterson has been linked to the Dallas Cowboys in the past. Last offseason, reports emerged that Adrian Peterson had a phone conversation with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones by phone about returning to his home state to play for the Cowboys one day.

The rumors of Marshawn Lynch joining the Dallas Cowboys seem a bit more far-fetched, and growing more unlikely by the day. Just a few weeks ago rumors were circulating that the Seattle Seahawks were ready to part ways with Lynch, who had a cool relationship with the coaching staff and was often getting into trouble with the league.

But since then, Lynch helped put the team on his back in the playoffs, leading them close to a Super Bowl victory. The playoff run reportedly changed the team’s stance on Lynch, and they are now reportedly close to a contract extension that would see Lynch making $10 million in the first year.

For the Dallas Cowboys to swoop in, talks between Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks would have to fall apart, which at this point seems unlikely.

[Image via AP/Kevin P. Casey]