Red Skull: Man Cuts Off Nose and Severely Modifies Face To Look Like Captain America’s Nemesis

There are fans and then there are superfans, and 37-year-old Henry Damon is in the latter category. The huge comic book fan particularly likes the look of Captain America‘s nemesis — the Red Skull. Yes, Damon actually likes Red Skull so much that he cut off his nose and severely modified his face to look just like him.

Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, thought that it would be the greatest thing ever to look like the Marvel super-villain. So, he turned to a body modification artist by the name of Emilio Gonzalez to help him, according to the Daily Mail.

That help included cutting off the majority of Damon’s nose and a lot of other alterations.

“I asked for a tomography of the nose and sinuses to assure me that it was OK for surgery. Henry aka Red Skull is a physically and intellectually healthy person… He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification.”

Henry Damon is, indeed, a married man and a father, and now only goes by the moniker of “Red Skull.” His face has been tattooed red and back while his tattoos were tattooed entirely black so he could complete the entire look.

Red Skull Captain America

This was not just a rash or spontaneous decision, either.

Before Damon could have all of the Red Skull modifications done to his face, Gonzalez made sure that he was healthy enough to withstand it all. There were a number of physical and psychological tests done before any action was taken at all.

Friends of Damon, such as Pablo Hernandez, are not surprised that he decided to make such a drastic change to his life.

“He has loved comic books since he was a kid and always dreamed of being Red Skull, but never got round to doing it.”

E Magazine reports that Damon is not yet ready to say his transformation into Red Skull is complete. Next up, he will be looking to add silicone implants onto his chin, cheekbones, and cheeks. From there, any open space on his face will be tattooed entirely red to complete the full look.

Red Skull tattoo face

The implants into his forehead and eyebrows (where the hair has been shaven off) are all part of the Red Skull appearance he is going for. While he may get some strange looks on the street, his friends and family are fully supportive of what he’s doing.

Henry Damon is not yet fully turned into Captain America’s arch-enemy, the Red Skull, but he’s getting there. He loves how he looks and continues to be a great husband and father, so you’ll find no complaints about his look from anyone that knows him.

[Images via Getty Images/Daily Mail/AP]