Where Is Kelsie Schelling After Two Years Missing?

It’s been two years, and Colorado woman Kelsie Schelling is still missing. Her loved ones have searched relentlessly for her over the course of her disappearance, but it seems as though she vanished without a trace, and evidence points to foul play. 9 News, out of Colorado, reports that Wednesday was the 2nd anniversary of the very day that she vanished. She was pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

When Kelsie Schelling disappeared, she was believed to had driven to Pueblo from Denver to see her boyfriend. Her car was seen on surveillance parked at a Walmart store in Pueblo for a handful of days before it was seen later, where it was dumped at a hospital. A figure was seen exiting the vehicle, but identification hasn’t been made. Kelsie’s loved ones believe that her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, is behind whatever happened around this time. In fact, it had been revealed not long after Kelsie’s disappearance that Donthe Lucas had been abusive to her in the past, and was not happy about the pregnancy she had recently announced. He was supposedly the father of her unborn child.

Denver Westworld is also reporting on the renewed push to find Kelsie, who her family believes has been murdered. The 21-year-old woman not only had an allegedly violent relationship with Donthe Lucas, but she also dabbled in modeling, using online social media, much like the cases of numerous other missing women. One of those missing models is another women who vanished between Pueblo and Denver named Kara Nichols. Kara Nichols vanished in October of 2012, just a handful of months before Kelsie disappeared. The disappearances of these two Colorado women have never been officially linked, and Schelling’s loved ones are positive that Donthe Lucas is somehow responsible for her disappearance.

Her loved ones have shared a timeline of her case on the Help Find Kelsie Facebook page. Over the course of the past two years, police have confirmed Donthe Lucas as a person of interest in her disappearance. Investigators have also confirmed that they suspect foul play.

Kelsie Schelling’s loved ones are apparently not impressed with the official work done by investigators on her case. Her family has notified the public via the Facebook page that they haven’t heard from the detective since March, 2014. The detective has also failed to return emails or calls asking for information surrounding their investigation. Meanwhile, her loved ones continue to wonder where she is and if she’ll ever be found.

[Photo credit: NBC News]