‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Reason For Divorce, Meri’s Sister Talks About The Big Family Change

Kody Brown Talks About Decision To Shuffle Sister Wives By Divorcing Meri And Marrying Robyn

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has offered an explanation for why he divorced oldest wife, Meri, to marry youngest wife, Robyn, and it looks like Meri is still sticking around after being moved down lower on the polygamist’s wife totem pole.

According to Us Weekly, Kody Brown revealed that there’s a legal reason behind his decision to reshuffle his deck of sister wives by divorcing 44-year-old Meri Brown last September and marrying 37-year-old Robyn Brown in December. However, he didn’t elaborate on what that legal reason may be.

“We have chosen to legally restructure our family,” the Browns revealed in a joint statement.

“We made this decision together as a family. We are grateful to our family, friends and fans for all their love and support.”

TMZ claims that Kody Brown switched legal wives because “he wants to make sure Robyn’s kids have security within the family, such as access to insurance and other benefits.” Perhaps he’s trying to become the legal guardian of Robyn Brown’s three children from a previous marriage.

It’s very likely that Kody Brown isn’t saying much about the divorce and marriage because he wants viewers to tune in to this week’s episode of Sister Wives in hopes of finding out exactly what’s going on with the Brown family. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a special episode of the show titled “Robyn: Behind the Scenes” will air this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Perhaps it will focus on Robyn replacing Meri as Kody Brown’s only legal wife.

Even though it was probably hard for Meri to relinquish her legally married status, she’s not leaving her polygamist family anytime soon. Her sister, Elaine Barber, told RadarOnline that she doesn’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of Kody’s decision to restructure his family, and she claims that Meri isn’t angry about it.

“I know she’s happy with her husband,” Barber revealed.

However, Meri Brown did make a life-changing decision of her own after the divorce — she decided to go back to college. The empty-nester seems pretty excited about attending classes at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

According to E! Online, Meri really enjoyed going to school and working.

“When we were living in Utah, I had started going to college, and I was really enjoying it,” she said during an episode of Sister Wives.

“It was very fulfilling to me. I ended up working at a residential treatment center for at-risk youth and I love it. Loved, loved, loved it. I ended up losing that job because of my lifestyle, because of going public, because of an investigation. So, I never went back to college after that.”

If Meri ever decides to walk away from her life with Kody Brown, she’s already taken two steps to make such a transition easier: she’s legally divorced from him, and she’s pursuing a career that will allow her to completely support herself.

Do you think Meri should stick around now that Kody Brown has replaced her with his newest, youngest wife?

[Image credit: TLC via Daily Mail]