Bobby Jindal Insists Poor People Should ‘Take Better Care Of Themselves,’ Hoax Goes Viral

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent decision to close a local hospital emergency room has been met with backlash. As a matter of fact, some have even labeled him an “Indian Giver” since he’s opting to close the emergency room he initially offered financial support for so the doors could stay open.

On Tuesday, February 3, Baton Rouge General officials announced the BRG Medical Center-Mid City emergency room would be closing in the next 60 days, reports the Advocate. The closure comes as a grave inconvenience since the emergency room is reportedly the closest facility within 30 minutes for some of the city’s most impoverished residents. Prior to Baton Rouge General-Mid City, residents were able to go to the city’s charity hospital, LSU Earl K. Long Medical Center. Unfortunately, that facility has also been shut down.

However, one of his reasons for the closure has caused quite a stir. Gov. Jindal has been criticized for his lack of compassion toward poor people. He was also blasted for not delivering the estimated $18 million in financial support for the facility that he initially promised. He recently released a statement in regards to the closure. Gov. Jindal feels the closure will “encourage” uninsured individuals to live healthier lifestyles and take better care of themselves, reports the Red Shtick.

Here’s what he allegedly had to say.

“We’re encouraging people to start leading healthier lifestyles by removing the crutch of a relatively accessible emergency room. Maybe poor people should take better care of themselves. Cut back on the salt, fatty foods, and everyday accidents that aren’t at least fatal. That’s one way not to be a burden on our struggling health care system. It’s not a broken promise; it’s a wellness initiative.”

Of course, Gov. Jindal’s statement has ruffled a few feathers. Needless to say, many are furious about his lack of regard for poor, uninsured patients. Some of the responses to the statement are quite brash. However, many people were angered for absolutely no reason. The Red Shtick is a satirical site for comedic purposes only! So, readers should be laughing instead of blasting Gov. Jindal.

According to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, the hospital has reportedly suffered a major financial decline with an estimated $2 million monthly deficit, which is the real reason why the Jindal administration opted to close the emergency room.

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