Julian Edelman Celebrates Super Bowl Winning Touchdown

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is celebrating winning the Super Bowl, not the matter of having passed the concussion test after a hard tackle in the game, USA Today reports. Edelman caught the touchdown pass from quarterback Tom Brady that put the Patriots ahead, 28-24, in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

“The New England Patriots wide receiver caught a pass across the middle, then took a jarring hit from Seattle Seahawks defender Kam Chancellor in the fourth quarter. The hit ignited concerns on social media, many wondering if it was helmet to helmet, some suggesting Edelman looked dazed and had suffered a concussion,” USA Today reported.

Other than the performance of quarterback Tom Brady, the playing of Julian Edelman contributed a major part of the Patriots offense in the Super Bowl.

Julian Edelman is all over the place in the Super Bowl. He’s caught nine passes for 109 yards, and his ninth catch may just have been the biggest of the night. He absolutely destroyed Seahawks cornerback Tharold Simon on a ‘jerk route’ and found himself wide open in the end zone. Tom Brady delivered a strike that gave the Patriots a 28-24 lead late in the game,” CBS Sports reported about Julian Edelman’s contribution to the New England Patriots Super Bowl win.

Many in the Patriots locker room agreed, the New York Post reported, that Julian Edelman was the key to winning the Super Bowl.

“The feeling inside the Patriots locker room after it was all over was universal: The game-winning play was made by the perfect Patriot, the player who best represents who they believe they are as a team,” the Post reported.

In renewing his contract with the Patriots, Julian Edelman was recognized by Tom Brady’s favorite receiver, the Inquisitr reported. The Patriots signed Edelman for another season, preventing him from going to free agency and possibly signing with another NFL team. Julian Edelman was reported to be excited to have signed with the Patriots for another season. That season lead to the win in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Some believe that Julian Edelman should have been named the most valuable player of the Super Bowl for catching the game-winning touchdown pass. Writing for Rant Sports, Michael Woolfson made this argument.

“The key to the game was his quick receivers, namely Julian Edelman. Edelman ended the game with nine catches for 109 yards and a touchdown, but those numbers don’t show how much of an advantage he really gave the Pats,” Woolfson wrote.

[Image of Edelman and Brady from the New York Post]