81-Year-Old Father Isn’t Actually Related To The Long Lost Son He Used Facebook To Find

Tony Trapani and Samuel Childress.

One of the most heart-warming stories of last month might not have the happy ending people thought. A previous report from the Inquisitr revealed that an 81-year-old man used Facebook to find a long-lost 61-year-old son he never knew he had. But a recent paternity test has revealed that the father and son aren’t actually related after all.

According to KFOR, the story started when 81-year-old Tony Trapani discovered a note written by another woman and hidden by his late wife in a filing cabinet that read, “I have a little boy. He is 5-years-old now. What I’m trying to say Tony is he is your son. He was born November 14th, 1953.” Trapani never saw the letter for 56 years, but was finally reunited with the person he thought was his son. Tony used social media posts to track down Samuel Childress.

After the emotional reunion, the father and son decided to take a paternity test to find out for sure if they were truly father and son. The test came back negative. The son Trapani worked so hard to find is a complete stranger.

According to Fox 17, Childress received the disappointing test results in the mail on Monday.

“[It] kind of shocked me a little bit,” said Childress.

“Instead of being 99 percent, it was zero and it kind of set me back. I mean, it’s just like a shock to me.”

But even though Childress isn’t actually related to Tony Trapani, he claims the two have already bonded so well that they will continue their close relationship. For several weeks, the men were convinced they were father and son, and that feeling can’t be taken away from them.

“I call him everyday, and talking to him he says the same thing about you know, the result. He said it doesn’t matter what that says, I know you are my son.”

The letter from Childress’ mother is still a mystery. Why would she send Trapani a note claiming Samuel is his son if there was no relation?

“That piece of paper that you know my mom sent, wrote to him that note and stuff, there’s no denying it,” said Childress.

“That part there and I just know there is a connection and he feels the same way.”

Despite the disappointment in learning Trapani isn’t his father after all, Childress has said he won’t go on looking for his true father. He is satisfied pretending that he and Tony are father and son.