Mila Kunis Had A Tinder Account, Confused By Swiping Technique

Mila Kunis, at one time, had a Tinder profile. Yes, what you hear right now are the sighs of many people all over the world. For a limited time, people had the opportunity to swipe left or right on Mila Kunis, and it’s all Ashton Kutcher’s fault.

Kunis, who is currently promoting her new film Jupiter Ascending, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss her life as a new mom, and her fiancé, Kutcher. She gave the usual anecdotes on motherhood, including a cute story about her mother not understanding velcro diapers, but things got a bit weird when Kimmel brought up Kutcher’s side job.

Aside from being an actor, Ashton is an angel investor in many apps and start up companies. Kutcher is an investor in Skype, Uber, Flipboard, and Dailybooth — just to name a few. To top it off, he also has a website called Aplus, which is similar to BuzzFeed. That said, web developers are constantly coming to Kutcher for suggestions and partnership with his investment company A-Grade, in hopes that creative partnerships will happen or seed money will come in.

While Ashton and Mila were dating, the folks at Tinder came to Kutcher to test out the app before they launched. According to Kunis, her then-boyfriend asked her to join the service to test the product out.

“Listen, when we started dating—this is an awesome story and this is fact!,” said Kunis. Then she laid the story all out to Kimmel’s amusement.

“Tinder hadn’t really been out yet. And he was like, ‘So, babe, I got this thing that I’ve been thinking about. You need to do me a favor and download this app.’ I was like, ‘No problem.’

She continued, “I download Tinder, OK? I was like, ‘What is this?’ Like, swiping things left and right. I was like, ‘This is amazing!’ This is stuff that I do at home. He makes me go on all of these websites. Everything!”

Here’s the real kicker. Not only did Mila join Tinder for Ashton, but she also joined the dating app for men who are looking for other men. Kunis shouted, “Grindr! I’ve been on Grindr!”

Besides that, she swears they’re a normal family.

[Image via ABC]