‘Suits’ Spoilers: ‘Respect’ Is The Name Of The Game In Season 4, Episode 12 Show

Suits is back, and the second half of Season 4 got off to quite the start last week. Episode 12 is all about respect, and Louis Litt is still steaming after getting his name on the door with some unexpected strings attached. What Suits spoiers are available for the February 4 episode?

According to TV Guide, Louis will still be coming to terms with all that has transpired both this week and next week. The issues will still be around in future episodes, but it seems that soon, Litt will work through the shock of not coming out on top with his demands of Jessica and Harvey, at least to an extent.

As Suits spoiler previews show, Donna will push Louis to get out of his own way, while Jessica rubs it in that he has a history of making bad calls when he’s backed into a corner. Harvey isn’t done being angry with Litt, and he makes it clear that there are still issues between them.

Mike still has issues to contend with, as well. The Suits spoiler synopsis teases that Stephen Macht pops in once again as Harvard professor Henry Gerard. Macht is Gabriel Macht’s (Harvey’s) real-life father.

Stephen Macht, who will be familiar to many as having played Trevor Lansing on General Hospital, plays an ethics professor, and he needs Harvey’s help on a case. Apparently, the case Gerard is dealing with requires something of a lack of ethics to win, and it seems he thought that Harvey could do the work needed to get a good outcome.

Naturally, Mike has to avoid Gerard, as he never took his Harvard class. This is not the first time Mike has had to make an effort to avoid Girard, as fans will remember, but the stakes now are higher than ever that he avoid this particular professor.

As for Louis, he’s going to try to win over a socialite CEO and based on Suits spoiler previews, it seemingly does not go well, and Jessica ends up intervening. A clip on the show’s Facebook page shows Jessica confronting Louis as she tells him that she’s kept up her end of the bargain and he’d better hold up his.

So far not much has been revealed about how Donna or Rachel play into Wednesday’s episode, but there are sure to be great moments ahead with them, as well, given how integral they were in the winter premiere last week. The Season 4, Episode 12 Suits show titled “Respect” airs on Wednesday, February 4, and fans can’t wait to see the aftermath of Litt finally getting his name on the door, albeit with a twist he never saw coming.

[Image via Spoilers Guide]