Wounded Elderly Woman Shoots Burglars: 71-Year-Old Woman Fires Back At Intruders In Shootout

Elderly Woman Shoots Burglars

A wounded elderly woman shot two burglars who forced their way into her home and fired a gun at her. Forsyth County deputies say a 71-year-old woman was involved in a shootout with two burglars, even though she was suffering from a bullet wound. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the woman confronted the intruders Monday morning, and was shot three times. The incident happened in Cumming, Georgia, around 10:30 a.m.

Deputy Doug Rainwater says the victim was transported to a Gainesville hospital with a wound to her stomach, arm, and leg.

Samples of blood spatter was taken to from the house so investigators could determine if the elderly woman shot one of the burglars. Investigators think that the two suspects are a man and a woman, according to Rainwater.

“We are trying to determine what happened in the gunfight and whether all the blood is her’s. She was shot three times, but she returned fire with her own gun. She fired several shots, but we don’t know if one of them was hit.”

The unidentified woman was sleeping at the time she heard a suspicious noise. She grabbed her gun and went to check it out. Rainwater says the burglars probably knocked on the door and when she didn’t answer, they figured no one was home while she was asleep.

When paramedics arrived, the woman was coherent enough to talk with them, but her medical condition is unknown. Rainwater suspects she’s still in serious condition due to her stomach wound.

Forsyth County News reports that the woman’s burglary was the third one in her neighborhood. The other break-ins didn’t consist of anyone being home, so learning that the two suspects had guns is interesting to investigators, since burglars aren’t normally armed, Rainwater says. Also, the other two intrusions had the same type of entry as the one at the woman’s home.

It’s believed that the two burglars are still at large. The suspects are described as a black man and woman. Police have no reason to believe they’re still in the area. The neighborhood is said to be in a nice location with low crime.

The Inquisitr wrote on a similar incident in which an 83-year-old woman confronted a criminal. She used boiling water to stop a robbery.

The elderly woman who shot the burglars wasn’t backing down while being threatened. She showed amazing courage in her fight against the criminals.

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