‘Nashville’ Spoilers: Season 3 Winter Premiere Brings Big Moments For Rayna, Deacon And Luke

Connie Britton, Rayna, on 'Nashville' Season 3, Episode 11

Season 3 of Nashville finally kicks back into gear again Wednesday with new episodes and fans are thrilled. The February 4 episode is titled “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye,” and there’s a lot of ground to cover. What Nashville spoilers are available for this one?

TV Guide teases that Deacon will get bad news regarding his health, while Luke stirs up trouble after Rayna canceled their wedding. Avery and Juliette will be getting used to married life while Gunnar goes for custody of Micah. Viewers will also see Sadie buy a gun.

Are viewers finally going to see Rayna and Deacon get back together romantically? While most would imagine that’ll happen at some point, it seems it may be a bit too early to expect them to find their happily-ever-after after with one another. TV Guide teases Nashville spoilers that Rayna will want to move ahead slowly when it comes to her feelings for Deacon.

In addition, Deacon gets bad news about his cancer diagnosis, and apparently he’s not going to rush to fill Rayna in on the details. This couple has had plenty of trouble come up due to secrets in the past, and it looks like they may not have learned yet from those mistakes.

As for Luke, fans apparently need to brace themselves. He’s not going to just head off into the sunset after being dumped. He is going to seek some revenge against Rayna, and he’s looking to do it in a way that will make a serious and sizable impact.

People shares a big Nashville spoiler clip that shows a tense moment between Deacon and Luke. Deacon is at home and Luke shows up looking for Rayna. This is how Deacon learns that Rayna bailed on the wedding and he admits he’s glad.

Luke says that Deacon just couldn’t leave Rayna alone and as Deacon kicks Luke out, Luke says it’s always been about Deacon and he refers to Rayna as a “b*tch.” This, naturally, sparks a furious reaction from Deacon, who leaps onto Luke and lands an intense punch.

There will be time spent on Sadie’s storyline in Wednesday’s winter premiere as well. As TVLine notes, her ex Pete will still be around for a bit. He wants what he thinks is his, but he won’t get in another punch on Sadie apparently.

Pete will go after her legally, and she will try to work through how to handle his having hit her. Nashville spoilers indicate that she definitely decides she’s not going to sit around waiting to see what he does next though.

There’s a lot of love, drama and music ahead as Season 3 continues and fans can’t wait. As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, viewers will also see Rayna tell her girls about the split and there’s a lot of emotion in these moments ahead. The winter premiere of Nashville airs Wednesday, February 4 on ABC and it looks like it will be a great episode.

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